Why Air Source Heat Pumps? 

Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs) are much more environmentally friendly than conventional heating systems.  They can be used alongside solar panels to reduce your “carbon footprint”. They are specifically designed to function best in the UK weather.  They are optimised to work down as far -25c to provide the heating and hot water your home needs.  They are so efficient they have been included in the the “Renewable Heating Incentive” being run by the government.

  • Lower running costs – You could save as much as £600 per annum on your heating bills.  Homeowners can also apply for the governments “Renewable heat incentive”.   This means that you may be able to get an ASHP unit installed for free. Everyone will qualify for some incentive.  Those who have a higher carbon footprint, particularly those on “off grid” electricity or gas will get a higher incentive. On average over the life of the unit the saving can be in the tens of thousands.
  • Low maintenance – The technology used is ASHP’s is similar to that used by fridges so is tested and reliable. They require little maintenance.  In fact they are so reliable they come a 7 year guarantee for all parts and labour.
  • Installation is simple – It takes less than a day and is far less complicated than a ground source heat pump.
  • Lower CO2 emissions  – The carbon footprint of an ASHP is very low. It is a renewable energy source that can be used in combination with solar panels.  This creates a system that is not reliant on traditional fossil fuels and is low cost.  You may even earn money with a tax free income selling back to the grid for up to 7 years. In this climate of climbing energy costs an Air Source Heat Pump  provides peace of mind that your energy costs will be permanently low.

What is the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

Every time you pay your gas or electricity bill the energy company you use gives a percentage of this through the RHI to the Government. Grants are then given out of this scheme to homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint.  In effect if you pay for electricity or gas you are already in effect paying for this. There are no other criteria such as receiving benefits or having solar panels. An air source heat pump can completely replace a traditional boilers. You can access more information about this on the governments Renewable Heating website or fill out the form below for a call where we explain it in more detail.

How do I apply

If you are in the North East  of the UK  we have partnered with H&Re who are specialist providers and installers of Air Source Heat Pumps.  They will assess your property and talk you through the RHI incentives available and help you through the process to get one installed. Simply fill in your details below and one of their go green experts will call you back.

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