Gear up for exchange of contracts and completion.

You will need to

  • agree dates for exchange of contracts,
  • when the deposit is paid,
  • the date for the legally binding agreement between you and the purchaser, and subsequent completion,
  • when the balance of the monies is paid, your mortgage is redeemed, all fees are paid and the title of the property is transferred.

The completion date falls to be agreed between you and the buyer/seller.  It’s about mutual convenience but remember that the buyer/seller may have fixed dates which they need to meet.

Completion normally happens at around noon.  The seller must have moved out of your house by the date and time of completion.

  • Once you have moved out or in, you will want to inform banks, Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs, the local authority, the Royal Mail, credit card providers, schools, your GP and other agencies as well as friends that you have moved to a new house.
  • Check out our Move Checklist for a full list of those you may have to advise of your move.
  • Once you have registered with Simpler, you will be able to log in to our Move Manager and download letter templates which will advise your change of address.