How long will it take to convert my loft?

The length of time to complete will depend on the type and scale of the loft conversion you are planning.

The Mansard, for instance, is the largest and can take up to three months from start to finish. This is a large extension which extends across the width and depth of the property.  This provides the maximum additional space you can create.  because of its size, it usually has implications for the structure of the house

A dormer loft conversion is an extension to the existing roof that projects vertically from a sloping roof, creating additional floor space and headroom within the property. Internally, a dormer has vertical walls and a horizontal ceiling.  With a Dormer, the timescale is four to six weeks.

If the loft is a suitable size, the simplest conversion is to add Velux windows. A double Velux should take around a month to complete.