Legal fees. Most people use a licensed solicitor or conveyancer to carry out legal aspect of moving home.In total legal fees in total are typically £420-£1,000 including VAT at 20% and depend on the value of your house. The average cost of a house in the UK is £298,000 and the best conveyancing fee we have found for this is £506 .

There are various costs involved in this –

Client ID checks – This is where the solicitor checks you identity to make sure they are dealing with the right person, this should cost £7-£10

Official copies – The conveyancer will order the deed of your house from the land registry , typically around £5-£10

Lawyer check – You conveyancer will make sure that the buying parties lawyer is registered with the SRA and able to act for you , cost £10

OS1/OS2 search – Seafches that are made on the house to check for bankruptcy or outstanding charges on the property , usually around £4-£10

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Check how much you exact move will cost by using the postcode entry on the right. This will give your fixed cost conveyancing fee.