The costs of selling a house can be high but this is a high value transaction so its important to get the right partner who will give you the service which a complex house sale requires.  The cheapest deal may end up costing a lot more than you’d expect.

The principal costs in selling a house are:-

  • Estate agent fees

Fees are typically around 2% for a traditional estate agent and £700-1,000 for a fixed fee estate agent but be aware of additional costs if you don’t use their conveyancer.

  •  Conveyancing fees and disbursements

The  average priced three bedroom home will cost in the region of £400 with costs rising with the value of the house.  The conveyance of a house can be simple but it can also present problems and issues which a conveyancer should advise you of.  It is key to ensure that your conveyancer gives the right amount of time and attention to make sure the process goes smoothly and you get the level of service you need.  We ensure taht all our conveyancing firms have experienced and knowledgeable staff for precisely this reason.

  •  Mortgage redemption costs

Early redemption fees can cost between 1% and 5% of the mortgage balance and closure fees, typically £75 to £300.   Contact your lender at an early stage to find out what they will charge.

  • Removal costs

This obviously depends how far and how much you are moving but the average 3 bed house would cost between £600 and £1000 for a short distance move depending on the amount of services you require.

To determine what the main costs for your house move please use our Cost Calculator. 

To get firm quotes, use our Comparison Engine

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Simpler Tip

The costs of redeeming a mortgage can be high so its worth considering carrying over your existing mortgage perhaps with a new deal, check our Mortgage Guide