How much does conveyancing cost?

The cost of conveyancing varies according to the value of the property being purchased.  This is the case even though there may be little more legal work on a mansion than a maisonette.  This reflects the relative risk to the conveyancer if anything goes wrong, which is rarely the case of course, provided you select the right conveyancer who offers the right level of service from experienced and skilled staff.

This is key. There are conveyancers who offer very cheap deals.  But as the saying goes, buy cheap buy twice.  This is particularly so with the most expensive financial you are likely to have made.  Low cost conveyancers achieve their price by using relatively junior and inexperienced staff.  They will not have the skill to deal with anything out of the ordinary.  They are also unlikely to give the level of service and communication you need.

The cost of conveyancing the average property purchase generally costs around £850. This amount includes the charges for the conveyancer’s time, calls and letters, as well as search and land registry fees.  The conveyancers we feature offer a no completion no fee service if for instance a buyer pulls out in a chain.

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