Your solicitor/conveyancer manages all of the legal aspects of your house purchase or sale.  A conveyancer is a specialist property lawyer.  A general solicitor may deal with other aspects of the law as well as property transactions.

See our Guide to Conveyancers for full advice on when and how to choose a solicitor/conveyancer, what they do and what they cost.  See our Comparison Engine to get quotes.

Our view is generally

  • the earlier you engage the better as it offers more time for all.
  • be cautious of a solicitor/conveyancer recommended by your estate agent. They may be fine but the estate agent will normally earn a large referral fee, often doubling the cost.
  • conveyance is a specialist and often complex process.  It should be carried out by experienced and skilled staff.  They will give you the level of service you need to guide you through the process
  • use our Comparison Engine to get the best price and service.
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Simpler Tip

We have audited the quality of service and expertise of all the conveyancers who are permitted on our site, giving you peace of mind in an otherwise stressful time.