Do you need planning permission?

Additions of

  • over 40 cubic metres for terraced properties; or
  • over 50 cubic metres for other properties

require planning permission.

This means you do not need permission for additions less than these.  These rest within permitted development rights.  We recommend contacting your planning office to make sure.  You should also make sure that no previous extensions have been added to the property.

For a loft conversion, you will not need formal permission if:

  • the loft conversion does not extend beyond the plane of the existing roof slope.
  • no part of the loft conversion is higher than the existing roof.
  • you do not add verandas, balconies or raised platforms.
  • the property is not in an area of outstanding beauty or a conservation area.
  • you set the loft conversion (except hip to gable) back 20cm or more from the original eaves.
  • the extension does not overhang your property