Make your home beautiful and welcoming

We’ve seen the reality shows which show how to sell a home faster and for more.  It means making your house look its absolute best.

With a small budget and a bit of effort, you can transform your home.  You can make it look roomier, give tired walls a fresh coat of paint and fix any obvious defects in walls, doors, and fixtures.

Do not forget the garden and the entrance to the house, where first impressions are made.  A general tidy and some new planting can transform a scrub patch to something much more appealing.

On the day of viewings don t just make sure the house is looking its best,

  • use lighting to make it more welcoming,
  • use flowers to make it more attractive
  • and even put on the coffee to make sure it smells like a home you’d want to live in.

Believe us, all the effort will be worth it.

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Simpler Tip

Making your home welcoming, look roomy, well cared for and welcoming will be well worth the effort.