Setting the Price

Setting your selling price is still stressful but you can now access more data to help you.  Property portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla now market the vast majority of properties.  Before their advent, it was difficult to gather enough data about local trends by which to arrive at a view of the value of a house.   Estate agents could therefore present themselves as having privileged or expert knowledge.

There are now over 2m homes advertised on the property portals so there is a lot of data and tools to help you value your house.

Use the Portals

There can be many factors which affect the value of a house, such as aspect, condition and amenities.  The portals  provide much of the data you need to generate a credible view.   Comparable houses should be valued at comparable prices.

  • To compare prices, convert the prices of houses being sold to a price per square metre or square foot.  Then apply the range of results to your house (which you may have to spend time measuring).
  • Check this against our Valuation Tool which will give an estimate against an address by inputting a postcode on our home page.  Please note that valuation tools calculate a value on a range of similar houses which may not reflect the particular attraction, features of or improvements to your house.

This will give you a baseline by which to judge the valuations which will be given to you by estate agents as well as any offers you may subsequently receive.

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