Local or National Conveyancing Firm

Should I use a national or local conveyancer? It used to be that having a local solicitor was the best way to stay informed.  National, dedicated conveyancing firms have online management systems.   This allows you to communicate and monitor your transaction online, 24/7.

With a local solicitor you can visit an office to sign documents and chase progress.  A local solicitor may, however, be an “all-rounder” who doesn’t specialise in property law. This means that they may not be up to date with changing legal issues which can affect your property purchase.  If the firm is small, they may not be able to cover holiday or absence. If the person dealing with your case is not around, your case may not receive the attention it needs.

A national firm specialises in conveyancing.  They have the depth of knowledge you require should you encounter issues along the way.  They will also have larger conveyancing departments so that you always have a solicitor dealing with your case.

A word of caution.  We have found online user reviews online do not always reflect the actual level of customer service.  This is because the cause for delays or problems may lie elsewhere in the chain.  We have checked and continually review the customer service levels given by all of our conveyancers.  This ensures they meet the high levels of customer service levels we require.

Every member of our panel is able to give you the highest levels of expertise and customer service.  We give them access to our move manager to update your case.  This means you know exactly where your case is at any time.