Simplermove’s moving home checklist.

It’s all too easy to forget to tell someone important that you have moved and that can have consequences!  Use our change of address checklist to make sure you don’t!

  • Telephone and internet service providers
  • TV licensing – a TV licence doesn’t automatically move with you when you move to a new house so you could be without a valid licence at your new address.  This carries a fine of up to £1000.
  • Bank
  • Building society
  • Pension provider
  • Investment, savings or loan companies
  • Credit and store card companies
  • HMRC
  • Local authority – for council tax and voting
  • On line grocery companies which you use
  •  Local shop if you have newspapers delivered
  •  Employers
  •  Schools
  •  DVLA – you have to notify DVLA and renew your driving licence and vehicle registration document by law
  •  Friends, family and colleagues