Present your home in the best possible light.  Buyers will make first impressions as your potential buyers approach and enter the house, so:-

  • make sure the front of the house is tidy and in good order.
  • a fresh lick of paint on peeling windows will do wonders for the house’s look.
  • repair nicks and scratches, doorknobs that don’t work, squeaky floor boards and wonky handles.
  • declutter as much as possible and consider taking highly personal items into storage.
  • remove any excess furniture to make the house appear spacious.

Buying a house is often governed by the heart, so you want buyers to feel an emotional attachment to your house.

  • the house should be immaculately clean and tidy.
  • make the house look and smell fresh with a plentiful supply of flowers
  • use subtle deodorisers to make sure any smells of dogs or cats are covered
  • put on a fresh pot of coffee to make the home truly welcoming.
  • make the house as light and bright as possible – dark and dingy is not good, so replace all faulty bulbs.
  • be cautious about asking potential buyers to take their shoes off – it can make some people very uncomfortable.

If you are friendly and welcoming, potential buyers will feel at ease creating the emotional attachment which turns viewers into buyers.

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Simpler Tip

Present your home in the best possible light.  Have a crib sheet to answer questions you might ask about your house, the local area, schools, transport, shopping, local pubs and restaurants to name just a few.