What are the most common problems a house survey reveals? The most common problems a building survey can reveal are :-

  • structural movement (subsidence),
  • timber and damp problems (rot – wet & dry, woodworm infestation),
  • defective wiring ,
  • defective roof coverings and chimneys (replacement/repair) and a
  • defective/outdated heating system (replacement).

The cost of repair depends on the extent and nature of the defects but remember a house with maintenance issues will be likely to have multiple problems.  The cost of repair could be extensive. Any one of these issues could cost several thousand pounds to fix. Even worse, as work is carried out further problems could be revealed.

Armed with a Building Survey, which should include an estimate of cost, it is important that you seek objective advice about the cost of repair so you can make an informed decision and realistic offer.

  • Talk through the Building Survey with the surveyor
  • Consider if the problems are enough to make you re-consider the purchase
  • If not get at least two quotes to put everything right and include a contingency for further work
  • Use these costs to re-negotiate the price – remember the sales price is unlikely to have taken these defects into account so any potential buyer will see the same additional costs
  • If the work is extensive, don’t forget the upheaval it will create – you may only be able to use part of the house as works are undertaken.

The price you negotiate will reflect how much you want the property and how badly the seller vendor needs to sell.  It’s important however to keep a cool head and don’t go above the amount you can afford or how much the home is worth to you.

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Simpler Tip

When negotiating, be clear, realistic and don’t go above the amount you can afford considering all the costs you will have to incur.  Don’t let your heart rule your head!