Fixed fee estate agents can be as low as £399 for the cheapest online agent, although the fee is typically around £700-£900.  This fee is payable regardless of whether a sale is achieved or not and can be higher if you don’t use their conveyancer. What and estate agent charges can differ

Traditional high street estate agents charge a variable fee.  Some London high street agents can charge more than 2% of the sales price but most are closer to 1.8% with the more typical fee for the UK as a whole and a sole agency, 1.1%.

Be aware that some estate agents receive substantial fees, as much as £500, to recommend a particular conveyancer, mortgage or insurance company.  If the agent is recommending a particular company make sure they tell you what referral fees they receive for doing so.

Most traditional estate agents are prepared to negotiate their fee which is dependent on a sale.  Some traditional estate agents also offer a fixed fee service.  The fee will be more if you use more than one estate agent.

  • Use our Comparison Tool to get quotes for both fixed fee and variable fee estate agents.

The value of your home and its location play a part in the fee an agent will quote to bring your property to market, as will the type of agent you approach – whether that’s a local estate agent or a fixed fee agent.

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Traditional estate agents will now negotiate fees so don’t be afraid of getting agents to bid for your business and remember they may be earning significant referral fees which means extra cost which you can avoid by using our Comparison Tool