You can hire a solicitor or a licensed conveyancer to do your conveyancing for you. A licensed conveyancer specialises in property transactions.  A solicitor may also practice on other areas.

Be careful as the growth of online conveyancers has not always been matched by the quality of their service.  This is why all conveyancers listed on Simpler Move must pass our quality checks.  Also be aware that the conveyancer may pay the estate agent a large referral fee.  This can be as much as £400 for recommending their conveyancing firm.

A very low cost conveyancer achieves that price because they use low paid, inexperienced staff.  They offer little by way of customer servcie.

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All solicitors are qualified to undertake work of this kind.  Not all are experienced in it. It could therefore prove sensible to hire a solicitor or licensed conveyancer who specialises in residential property transactionsd.  All conveyancers listed on Simpler Move are specialists and have passed our quality checks.

All solicitors are regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority  This is to ensure that solicitors meet high standards and act appropriately  when risks are identified.

If you have a mortgage, you may, however, find that you have to choose from a list of conveyancers approved by your mortgage lender, or pay a fee to go elsewhere.

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We ensure all conveyancers listed on our Comparison Tool meet our high quality standards.  This gives you peace of mind