Why do we e mail or text you?

Our mission is to reduce costs for home movers and improve the levels of service you get, especially from legal firms and conveyancers.

Many people who put their home on the market, use the legal firm recommended to them by their estate agent. Few realise that the estate agent is receiving a large referral fee from the legal firm.  This is often over £250, and can be more, just for giving you the name of their  legal firm. This is then added to your bill.  We want to cut out this unnecessary, hidden cost.

We become aware when you put your home on the market, as that is publicly available information.

We may then e mail or text you with an specific offer of legal services from firms we recommend, to save you money. We do not receive any referral fees from the firms we recommend so the price offered is the same as if you went direct to the legal firm yourself.

The difference is that we have researched the entire market to bring you the best legal firms both in terms of price and the level of service offered. Its that simple.

If you don’t want us to contact you just tell us and we will, of course, remove your data.