With cities increasingly expensive for first time buyers, people are beginning to look for other to set down their roots. Government schemes are making living in the metropolis more accessible and affordable. There are a range of areas in both the north and the south now attracting first time buyers and property investors for all kinds of reasons.  The housing market is slowly adapting to benefit the new generation of buyers.   Knowing where you want to live is now all you need to decide.
LeedsMaybe not your first thought, but shared ownership in Leeds is proving to be one of the most popular ways to get on the property ladder in this area. With some of the best shopping facilities and an interesting plethora of restaurants you can enjoy your free time with relish. The nightlife in Leeds is also a vibrant and buzzing event, with young people taking advantage of the colourful bars and independent eateries that line these streets.

Ave Property Price Paid (Zoopla): £208,149 (last 12 months)

Ave Property Values in Area: £216,467


A seaside town with a whole lot more than just ice cream to offer, it’s no surprise shared ownership in Brighton is becoming a popular choice among first time buyers. With the iconic pier, yoga on the beach and a whole range of quirky coffee shops and bars to enjoy, Brighton is now the chosen town for thousands of young people including top influencers and vloggers. While having the best fish and chips around the area is also well connected to the capital with a direct train for when you fancy dipping into the metropolis.

Ave Property Price Paid (Zoopla): £399,342 (last 12 months)

Ave Property Values in Area: £392,574


A new and upcoming area worth checking out is Croydon. Regenerated for young people and now bringing commuter professionals to the area, shared ownership in Croydon is giving anyone looking to live nearest the capital an affordable and comfortable option. With plenty of parks and green spaces to remind you that you’re not quite in the thick of the city and endless choice when it comes to eating out, Croydon is making part buy part rent in London a key choice for first time buyers.

Ave Property Price Paid (Zoopla): £372,549 (last 12 months)

Ave Property Values in Area: £361,824


Named a royal borough and wrapped in stunning countryside, shared ownership in Berkshire is proving popular and giving more young people the opportunity to set down their roots in this commuter town. A haven for wildlife and decorated in natural scenery, the serenity of this area is well loved and well preserved by the borough. Home to Reading festival and exuding a feeling of freedom and expression, the area is a favourite among young people. Just a stop from the capital Berkshire is shared ownership in London with a touch more greenary.

Ave Property Price Paid (Zoopla): £416,851 (last 12 months)

Ave Property Values in Area: £429,601